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Tim has a lifelong love of music, and especially of the popular music of the past. He is director of Beautiful Jo Records, a label celebrated both for its cutting edge folk and brilliantly realised period music.

Over 50 albums have been issued since the release of Magpie Lane's The Oxford Ramble in 1993.  

All are available as downloads, and many can still be obtained in CD format from Proper Music Distribution at

Beautiful Jo Records - cutting edge artists - Martin Simpson, Fernhill and 1651

Available by mail order

The following albums are still in stock. Ring 01865 249194 for further details. 

BEJOCD-3 The Oxford Ramble – Magpie Lane

BEJOCD-7 Come on Lads – Sods’ Opera

BEJOCD-8 Wassail! – Magpie Lane

BEJOCD-9 The Music of Dickens & His Time - The Seven Dials Band

BEJOCD-18 Folk Melodies of the British Isles - Various artists

BEJOCD-19 English Songs of Love – Various artists

BEJOCD-23 Llatai - Fernhill

BEJOCD-24 Celtic Melodies – Various artists

BEJOCD-31 Hey for Christmas - The Oxford Waits with The Mellstock Band

BEJOCD-32 A Taste of Ale – Magpie Lane

BEJOCD-35 Live EP – The Oxford Waits

BEJOCD-36 Ashburnham – David Shepherd & Becky Price

BEJOCD-37 Pastorela – Sue Harris

BEJOCD-38 Lilac Tree – Julie Murphy

BEJOCD-39 Pandemonium – Nigel Eaton

BEJOCD-40 Love Burns in Me - Alva

BEJOCD-42 Six for Gold – Magpie Lane

BEJOCD-43 Hynt - Fernhill

BEJOCD-44 Switter Swatter – The Oxford Waits

BEJOCD-45 The Bells of Paradise - Alva

BEJOCD-46 Yule Riding – The York Waits

BEJOCD-48 Fortune My Foe – The York Waits

BEJOCD-49 Come Dancing - The Climax Ceilidh Band

BEJOCD-50 The Dawn Songs – Vivien Ellis

BEJOCD-51 Na Pradle - Fernhill

BEJOCD-52 Knock at the Knocker – Magpie Lane

BEJOCD-53 Five Play – The Climax Ceilidh Band

BEJOCD-54 Love’s Holyday - The Oxford Waits

Beautiful Jo Records, specialists in the popular music of the past

We are proud to have issued ‘Instead of the Saints’ (BEJOCD-21), the debut release by Thea Gilmore. The 4-track EP came out in 1997. Photos by Denis Kennedy; cover artwork by Thea.

Our first recording

Images from the recording of our first album, Magpie Lane's The Oxford Ramble. The track is 'Double Lead Through' and the venue is Fairport Convention's Woodworm Studios (whence the folk rock ephemera).