Titles by Tim Healey

Tim has written an unfeasibly large number of books, both for adults and children. They include over 60 titles in all - fiction and non-fiction - occasionally under the pseudonym of Edward Grey. Some children's titles are itemised below. More anon...

Mortimer Keene - the six current titles. 'Gripping... hilarious' The Guardian

A Mortimer lookalike...

A Mortimer Keene lookalike appears at www.playingbythebook.net!

Other children's fiction

Previous works of fiction for children include:

It Came Through the Wall! Illustrated by Tony Ross, Hutchinson (1993)

A Box of Ogres, Illustrated by Charles Fuge, Simon & Schuster (1991)

Krypto Strikes Back, Illustrated by David Mostyn, Beaver Books (1986)

Mr Enigma's Code Mysteries, Illustrated by David Mostyn, Beaver Books (1982)

Mr Enigma

18 baffling puzzles to solve in each book